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Download Top 5 Offline OPEN WORLD Games for Android

Download Top 5 Offline OPEN WORLD Games for Android.

Open world games are becoming more and more popular because they provide players the option to explore large virtual worlds at their own pace. 

Download Top 5 Offline OPEN WORLD Games for Android

Here are the top 5 offline open world android games that you can play without an internet connection if you’re a mobile user who prefers offline gaming. state.

One state game

OneState is the world's first RolePlay game with an open world and 500+ people online in one map! Choose your own path in OneState!

There can be more than 500 people in the map! It's a whole new gaming experience when the whole city is populated by real players!

Download Here

2.Only up parkour.

Only up parkour

As you can see this game is literally inspired by the original only up PC version and I have to say they created a copy really quickly anyway this is a platformer where you start at ground level and climb up the very casual and relaxing gameplay mixed with tense and anxiety-inducing moments makes for a unique and fun experience.

Download Here 


Gta Miami

One of my subscribers told me about this project and when I saw it I thought I should cover this game. As you can see, this is an open-world fan-made game inspired by GTA. To be honest, the graphics quality is awesome. let’s see when they release the final version publicly.

Download Here

4.Drive.RS : Open World Racing.

Drive.RS : Open World Racing

This is an offline open-world racing game offering players the freedom to explore a vast open world and engage in thrilling races. With its immersive gameplay, players can drive a variety of cars and navigate through diverse environments, 

Also the game provides a dedicated drifting feature, allowing players to master the art of drifting, besides it there many different area where you can perform stunts, also DRIVE.RS” delivers an exciting and immersive racing game for Android users who crave high-quality graphics and thrilling gameplay.

Download Here 

5.Car parking Multiplayer 2.

Car parking multiplayer

Car Parking Multiplayer 2 is a popular open-world game that offers a wide range of super cars to drive which you can use to explore the city & different area of map, With different modes such as career, parking, and multiplayer, players can enjoy various gameplay experiences. 

Personally I played this game alot & if you are looking for some unique & special in car driving genra then this game is best for you.

Download Here 


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