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IPhone 14 Pro is upcoming : Everything you need to know | Gizmod pro

The apple iphone 14 is coming with some epic upgrades and i'll be sharing the details with you.

iPhone 14

What is upcoming in the new iPhone 14.

So today we've got plenty of news on the specs and design of the upcoming iphone 14 series.

so you don't miss a thing in the future so the iphone 14 launch is almost a year away but we've got a surprising amount of leaks coming in already the predecessor has only just launched and while it was a great phone with impressive specs many were disappointed with the lack of changes from the 12.

What is the changes in iphone 14 ?

Now thankfully for those of you that do want to see changes the iphone 14 is going to be very different than the previous iphones now first up we've got news of two terabyte iphone 14s coming and this is in a new report from my drivers in their report they advise that the iphone 14s are going to be coming with new qlc flash storage and this is going to allow them to increase capacity to a whopping 2 terabytes now although apple could do this i just don't think they will 512 has been the max for some time and after making the jump to one terabyte this year i think it's going to stay the same for at least next year and my drivers are not the most reliable of sources.

when it comes to the chipset powering the device

 We know apple had reserved three nanometer chipsets from tsmc to make the a16 faster and more efficient than ever now unfortunately due to the current chip shorted tsmc have pushed back their three nanometer chips in order to try and clear the backlog so the apple a16 that's going to be powering the iphone 14 is likely gonna be a four nanometer chipset one many complained that the 13 was too similar to the 12 when it comes to the iphone 14 

What is the new design for the iPhone 14 ?

 It we're getting a complete redesign of the iphone one of the biggest changes is going to be the removal of the iphone mini and it's going to be replaced with a larger iphone 14 instead there's going to be four models of the iphone 14 so we'll get a 6.1 inch iphone 14 a 6.1 inch iphone 14 pro we'll get a new 6.7 inch iphone 14 max and then of course we've got the 6.7 inch iphone 14 pro max the minis have not been doing well in sales and it was a surprise to see another mini this year the introduction of the iphone 14 max allows people to have a bigger phone without having to pay for all the premium specs if they don't want them.

What is the new models of the iphone 14 pro ?

We've also got a new investors report from jpmorgan chase and they state that the pro models of the iphone 14 are going to feature a new titanium alloy for the phone frames they've previously had a stainless steel chassis and the upgrade to titanium means it's less prone to scratching it's more durable in terms of bending and this is a great move considering titanium is both stronger and lighter than steel

The only downside is that fingerprint marks are more apparent but apple has been researching on how they're going to overcome this and the pattern was filed by apple that shows a thin oxide coating for the surface to significantly reduce the fingerprints as well as the new frame we're getting a complete redesign on both the front and back of the iphone 14

On the back we're getting a similar layout to before but the camera bump is being removed altogether and the lenses are going to come straight out the back of the case it's thought that these aren't going to protrude from the case and that's the only real downside to the 12 and 13 the lenses poke out the back so the phone won't sit flush on a table if it's placed on its back.

The camera in iPhone 14.

we've also  got a new research note from reliable  analysts in chico and he states that the  wide camera is going to see an upgrade  from the predecessor's 12 megapixel to a  new 48 megapixel wide camera although  iphone cameras do perform well it makes  sense to now try and add more pixels to  the primary camera just to deliver some  high resolution images for those that  need them while no leaks have come  through on the other cameras just yet i  would imagine that they'll be sticking  with 12 megapixel sensors  mingqio also advises that we'll be  getting a punch or camera on the front  and the notch is going to be removed  altogether this is exactly the same as  john prosser advised a couple of weeks  ago and it's looking very likely to be  the case mean she co-advises that the  camera is going to be a punch hole  camera but the face id sensors are going  to be under the display so what we're  going to end up with is a phone that  looks like this.

The display in iPhone 14.

We've also got display analyst ross young saying the same thing when it comes to ross young's track record he's always correct he's a display analyst that's been very reliable so far and he only tends to post information when he's very sure about it now interestingly enough a few people disagree we had ice universe posting on weibo to say that it's actually going to look something like this but to be honest with ross young john prosser and mingchi kuo all saying it's a punch hole and the under display face id i'd be putting my money on that after a relatively similar release though it's refreshing to see some big changes in the iphone 14 and there will of course be updates in ios 16 as well for those of you excited for the iphone 14 though we're now going to run through the expected specs design and pricing for the whole of the series to start with the new entry level model is going to be the iphone 14 with the iphone 14 we get a 6.1 inch super retina oled display it's expected to be a 90 hertz display with an 1170 by 2532 resolution and this gives us 460 pixels per inch on the front.

The storage in iPhone 14.

it's gonna be coming with six gigabytes of ram and a choice of 128 256 or 512 storage.

The power of charging and battery in iPhone 14.

the phone's going to be powered by a 3240 milliamp hour battery with improved fast charging likely to be something like 25 watts it's expected to support both wireless and reverse wireless charging .

More Extras in the iPhone 14.

it's also expected to come with 5g wi-fi 6 bluetooth 5.2 and ultra wideband support it will of course ship with the new ios 16 when it comes.


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