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Apex Legends Mobile First Impression! (2022) | APEX Legends Mobile Review

 Apex Legends Mobile 2022

The highly anticipated release of apex legends mobile is just around the corner you probably already know it as the most popular battle royale hero shooter game on pc and soon everyone will be able to play this game on mobo and i really want to thank ea for sponsoring this video you may remember last month i did a poll on my channel asking which game you guys wanted to play and as you can see more than 50 percent of down to top gamers voted for apex legends mobile which just goes to show how many of y'all are excited to play this game.

I'm a sucker for my gamers what you want sammy delivers so just for you.

Today i'm going to give you my first impression on apex legends mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile First Impression! (2022) | APEX Legends Mobile Review

Apex Legends Mobile First Impression.

It's prime time at the apex games let's  go 

alright so when i first started playing  apex legends mobile i was immediately  impressed by how smooth the gameplay is  not to mention how the graphics really  complement it like surprisingly good  graphics the gunplay feels fantastic and  honestly it's just a lot of fun apex legends mobile was launched with three core modes first is a very obvious one  battle royale mode on a very basic level  apex legends is like every other battle  royale you drop into massive maps with a  bunch of enemies the map gets smaller  and smaller and it's kill or be killed  until basically 

There's just one left  standing however apex legends goes far  beyond the basic battle royale game  first of all the game is better with  friends and yeah you can play the game  solo in duo but as a three-man squad  it's triple the fun basically you get to  help each other out by working as a team  this is made even easier by choosing  legends that work well with each other  which brings us to our first big thing  about this game you have a choice  between 10 different legends who all  have fun and unique personalities and  each has different abilities and an  ultimate.

Some legends are better for rushing in  and securing the kill while others are  better for protecting teammates and  others provide healing or even mobility  to the team there are a bunch of ways to  combine these guys so you're gonna want  to find the character that best suits  your personal playstyle at the start the  selection screen randomly places you  with two teammates so you better hope  that you're the first or that nobody  picks wraith before you additionally the  apex legends battle royale offers  world's edge to the primary map for  season1.

3v3 arena in apex legends mobile.

Arenas there are two teams of  three who fight to the finish in an  action-packed 3v3 round-based  elimination combat it offers short and  sweet matches so you don't have to fully  commit to a battle royale session but  here you will need to change up your  stats a little bit you have to pick your  loadout and sharpen your skills on  bespoke maps the mode puts you in a team death match where squad mates can be  revived but cannot fully respawn if they  die at launch there will be three playable maps including thermal station  artillery and overflow where you will  fight in arena modes third is team deathmatch  reloading the concept of the tdm mode in  apex legends mobile is similar to any  other tdm mode which is kill to win  camping doesn't work here so that is out  of the equation.

6v6 tdm mode in apex legends mobile.

The 6v6 tdm mode consists of 5 unique maps skull town market overflow artillery and thermal station all these maps are rotated every 10 minutes to ensure that players get to experience every map and get used to all them equally you have to make sure that you're together and don't rush alone is that we give the enemy team a golden opportunity to pick up a point easily players fight to rack up kills against the other teams with fast respawns once killed you will respawn at random points near your teammates also you can pick up the airdrop for legendary weapons and whoever reacwhes 30 kills first wins the match.

The legends currently in apex legends mobile.

Now let's get to the legends currently  there are nine legends bangalore  bloodhound caustic gibraltar lifeline  mirage octane pathfinder race and the  brand new mobile exclusive legend fade  each legend has different abilities and  an ultimate plus the things you can  customize are awesome banners poses gun  skins character skins and the way you  finish people off it's dope now let's  talk about that mobile exclusive legend  fade he is a high-tech super soldier 

From solas who rewards aggressive play  with his powerful phase shift ability  and ultimate to lock down his enemies in  addition fade possesses three abilities  the first is slipstream when fade slides  his suit gives him a burst of speed and  second is flashback fade suit rips him  backwards through another dimension  phasing him to his previous location  about 60 meters back and the last  ultimate ability phase chamber phase  throws an activator core and the  resulting explosion phases everyone in  its radius for a few seconds making them  unable to deal or receive damage.

The graphics in apex legends mobile.

I know what you're all wanting  to know and yes this game works  surprisingly well on low end devices  even with low graphics the game looks  really beautiful and if you play apex  legends at max graphic settings then  you'll see the graphics of this game are  far better than the vast majority of  mobile games i have to say ea really  came through for us this time the game  offers different graphics quality  options like smooth normal ultra hd  extreme hd and even original for max  graphics quality and if you use high  frame rate settings with recommended  graphic settings then you'll get a  smooth performance with beautiful  visuals.

Battle pass in apex legends mobile.

The battle pass similar to battle pass in apex legends the mobile prime time battle pass launches on may 17th and features 110 levels four legendary skins and the big prize at the end which is a mythic pathfinder skin the battle pass also has both a free path and a premium plus and has lots of loot boxes events to get legendary skins and other cosmetic items .

Apex legends mobile game system.

The game also has a robust and smooth movement system that  lets players scale over walls and  effortlessly vault through obstacles you  can also take advantage of the sliding  mechanic to throw off your opponent's  aim or quickly traverse downhill apex  legends mobile even allows players to  customize the control schematics to an  astounding degree therefore comfort and  hand positioning is purely up to you  simply set the positioning sizing and  opacity to your own taste even the  graphics and frame rates are incredibly  customizable.

progression so many mobile games lately  are receiving criticism for the lack of  fair playing ground essentially.

pay to win systems in apex legends mobile.

Is apex legends mobile pay to win if it were that would be a huge  downside but thankfully the game is not  pay to win whatsoever the game is  actually all skill requiring fast  thinking and mechanical prowess to  emerge victorious all the legends are  available by just playing the game  whether it's leveling the player profile  completing free battle pass missions or  even logging on daily apex legends mobile is very generous in providing  playable characters  guns and other the guns are pretty  straightforward you got your smgs  assault rifles lmgs snipers shotguns and  pistols and my secret weapon mephis  you'll find attachments like sights  stabilizers stocks scopes and extended mags.

The ammo types are all color  coordinated for ease of use for noobs  and the level of rarity of each item in  attachment is also color coordinated the  game will also automatically replace  your weaker version of an item or  attachment with its stronger one  there are also different types of  grenades and healing items that are  pretty straightforward and there are  also shields that are essentially extra  health but unlike health it can only be  replenished with shield cells and  batteries

My Impression about the gameplay in apex legends is it worth to playing ?

I really enjoyed in this game it makes it harder for you to be killed when you're down so you don't immediately die but you can't just finish people off with this dope finishing move that surpasses the shield verdict apex legends mobile is a refreshing change to the battle royale genre as it puts heavy emphasis on movement and gunplay and the fact that you can slide down hills or use zip lines it's like the cherry on top plus there's no fall damage and 

The game is free don't get me wrong there are micro transactions but everything can also be earned with enough play time if you press me for a rating on this game from 1 to 10 it would easily be a 9 because of its gameplay experience uniqueness and graphics so whether you're new to the battle royale genre or already a big fan of apex legends on the pc trying out its mobile version definitely makes for a solid few hours of fun every day apex legends will be dropping on mobile on may 17th and will be available on both ios and android so set your calendar download the game and come play with me and your friends from anywhere.


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